Hello There!

Welcome to Kate and Kathryn. My name is Kate and in 2019 I started the journey to make all the recipes in my late grandmother, Kathryn’s, collection. This website is here to be a space where you can easily access the recipes I make.

A few things about Kathryn

  • Her Birthday is October 10
  • Kathryn had 4 children. 3 Sons and 1 Daughter. The Daughter is my mother also named Kathryn.
  • She was a nurse but before that she made curtains and worked as a party clown
  • She had a large collection of frog themed items that I have a few of.
  • Her husband, my grandfather was named Richard
  • Her beverages of choice were Coffee and Caffeine free diet coke
  • Kathryn made stained glass art as one of her hobby’s.

A few things about Kate

  • Was named Kate to still be in the Kathryn tradition but remixed.
  • She has weak ankles that were inherited from Kathryn
  • Only wears black with a few exceptions
  • Loves an antique store
  • You can always find her in the kitchen
  • Amateur furniture Refinisher
  • Has started a collection of vintage colored glass