1234 Cake w/Chocolate Frosting

I need to try this cake again. I thought I was being cautious with the bake time being 1 hour and taking it out at 45 minutes. Turns out that was about 5-10 minutes too long and likely got overbaked. The frosting, on the other hand, I don’t think I would reach for again. ItContinue reading “1234 Cake w/Chocolate Frosting”

Boston Cream Pie

I had never tried Boston cream pie before making this recipe. Not being a huge fan of custards, I was hesitant that I would like it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised that everyone including myself enjoyed this cake. I know this recipe has 3 parts to it that may seem labor-intensive but I urgeContinue reading “Boston Cream Pie”

Date Nut Bread

Although this recipe lives in my grandmother’s archives it comes to us from my Aunt Terri. I will admit that I slightly overbaked my loaves. There was a fine line between under-done and over-done so, my bread may be a little dry but that’s nothing a little bit of butter won’t fix. Date Nut BreadContinue reading “Date Nut Bread”