Peanut butter candy

It goes without saying that if you like chocolate and peanut butter together you will enjoy this. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for them to set. I did find mine to be a little crumbly but they were so delicious and I plan on making these again. Peanut Butter Candy Ingredients 2Continue reading “Peanut butter candy”

Blueberry Torte

My mom said this was one of her favorite things that my grandma would make and was very excited to have it again. This recipe is sort of like a cheesecake but less fussy. Even though I did make this in a springform pan its not necessary. Using a store-bought graham cracker crust or makingContinue reading “Blueberry Torte”

Baked Parmesan Veal

Did I use veal for this recipe? No. I couldn’t easily find the right cut for this recipe so I used an eye of round steak and cube steaks. The cube steaks were similar to tenderized veal cutlets that I saw during my light research and the round steaks are closest to the cut ofContinue reading “Baked Parmesan Veal”

Peanut Butter Cookies

These are classic peanut butter cookies. We enjoyed these cookies and my mother said they were even better the next day. You can refrigerate the dough or even freeze dough balls for later and just add an extra minute or 2 to the baking time. Peanut butter cookies Ingredients1c butter or margarine softened 1c whiteContinue reading “Peanut Butter Cookies”

Marshmallow Frosting

This frosting is delicious and sets like a soft marshmallow (as the name describes). The technique for this recipe is along the lines of an Italian meringue but with the addition of marshmallows giving it a nice stability. I will for sure be reaching for this in the future but will add a splash ofContinue reading “Marshmallow Frosting”

Basic Sweet Muffins

At first glance, these muffins don’t seem like anything special but I found them to be delightful. This recipe is more of a hybrid of biscuits and muffins. Cutting in the butter with the flour gives the inside a fluffy biscuit texture and the outside turns a golden crisp. On their own, these muffins areContinue reading “Basic Sweet Muffins”